The name is what we use to describe any object or person, either tangible or abstract, the name is what helps us to distinguish one thing from another giving a meaning, so we decide to give a meaning to what we do ... give it a name.
But a name is not easy to take, the English name is written "name" and pronounced "nëim". Nëim is a grammatical error in English, but in the phonetic pronunciation is correct. Nëim is that what we understand and we are named as.
Nëim is the way we misrepresented things to maintain its original structure almost intact. Nëim is our interpretation of something as we do as ours, is how we see things. Nëim is one way to describe what we do and we see otherwise. Nëim has no name. Nëim does not belong to us but we have done ours and give our new form, as we understand it, we adopt it and what we offer it.

Nëim is more than a name, it's like we decided to call what now belongs to us. We all have a name but Nëim is ours...